Friday, December 12, 2008


I've had a few requests for concert dates and times, so here they are:

North Stake Center Choir and Orchestra Christmas Concert
Saturday, Dec. 13th and Sunday, Dec. 14th
North Las Vegas Stake Center at Azure and Goldfield (Centennial and Commerce)

This concert is going to be so awesome! The orchestra just keeps getting better and better every time they play, and this is no exception. We even have a bell choir! I'm singing a big solo too... the 4 Recitatives for Soprano from Handel's Messiah. This is my first solo with an orchestra and I'm way excited for it! We've been working so hard on this music (since before Halloween, as previously mentioned) and it's going to be a really great way to kick off the holiday season.

Forgotten Carols starring Michael McLean
Monday, Dec. 15th
7:30pm (?)
Cashman Center in North Las Vegas

I directed the choir for this one and will be singing with them for this concert. I started rehearsals before Halloween for this also, and I have so many friends who have turned out to sing in this choir - it's been just great! All our hard work will be paid off on Monday. If you want to go but still don't have tickets, I recommend getting them ASAP as I've heard they might already be sold out. You can get them here. This is a great show too, and definitely not as cheesy as all those retro Mormon-pop songs by Michael McLean. Also a great family night activity!

The other "concert" will actually be my ward Christmas program, which I think is the most stressful one of all... I've put lots of work (and worry) into it, so I hope it comes off as intended. I think this is more stressful partly because my family will be there and some of them have quite discerning musical tastes. I'm sure they'll love it if I'm involved, though... They're just awesome like that! I'm really glad they're coming all this way to support me in these performances! It makes me feel important and loved - thanks family!

Merry Christmas to everyone!


sara said...

Thanks for posting the updates, I'm so glad you're doing the Forgotten Carols again. I'm totally going tonight for FHE so I'll see you there (hopefully)! Hooray! Be sure to wink and wiggle your left ear for me.

Cardalls said...

You were FAB-U-LOUS last night! What a gift you have!

sara said...

You guys were amazing last night at the forgotten carols. During one of the songs, my husband leaned over to me and said, "That choir can't really be singing!"
Mo-Tab here you come!