Thursday, January 29, 2009

January Adventures - Part I

I know what you're thinking... "You had adventures in January? But the New Year has just begun!" Or maybe it's more like... "Finally! It's taken you long enough to get around to posting. What's wrong with you? You have all this free time now, the least you could do is maintain a blog!"

Okay, so maybe that's just me talking. In any case, here I am, ready to regale you with tales of excitement and adventure in this cold first month of 2009! Get ready to laugh, sigh, and yes, even cry as together we peruse this narrative of bold adventure, thrilling suspense, and daring deeds!

Our first tale takes us to the snowy climes of Brian Head Resort, where Nicole and 15 of her closest friends while away the short, cold days with hours of doing absolutely nothing. And eating.

We stayed in my boss' cabin next to the ski resort and had an amazingly good time. This was the 2nd annual Brian Head trip and this year we decided to try something new - tubing! Last year we had a few slightly successful runs down a hill we found at random. That was interesting and extremely tiring because the snow was easily hip-deep. This year there wasn't quite as much snow, but we opted for the resort's tubing hill. It was really great! I always ended up going way faster than I wanted and actually ran into the barrier at the bottom a few times, which you're really not supposed to do. I'm such a rebel, I know. Probably the greatest thing about it was the tow rope that pulled you straight to the top. No work, just play - it was a fantastic weekend!

While we were there, we also spent some quality time playing games. We played golf (with cards), scum, Harry Potter Clue, LOTR Trivial Pursuit, Whoonu, scum, Office DVD Trivia, Singstar, and even started a 1500-piece puzzle! But we didn't finish it...oh well. Camille and I also taught a few select individuals (i.e. the people who were interested) how to play 4-handed pinochle. It was great and they caught on pretty quickly. It's a difficult game but they made Camille and I proud!

All in all, the weekend was a great way to prolong the holidays and have some good bonding time.
Here are the girls...and Adam.

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Cardalls said...

you girls are so cute! what fun times!