Friday, October 3, 2008

Random Things Tag

Heidi, if you weren't one of my best friends ever, I'd never submit to being tagged by you. Just so you know!

Okay, so I may be totally kidding, but this actually might be tricky. I've never done a tag before. Let's see what random things I can come up with.

1. One of the most random things about me is all the various jobs I've had. I think they speak for themselves, so here they are in slightly consecutive order:
- Piano teacher - on and off
- Receptionist - Tg Soda Ash (underground mine in WY) for 2 summers
- Surface Maintenance Crew - Tg Soda Ash/FMC for 2 summers
- Treadmill Tester - Logan, UT
- Bus Driver - Logan Transit District
- Sold Cutco knives - Logan, UT
- Wal-Mart Garden Center - Logan, UT
- Choir Office Grad Assistant - University of Florida in Gainesville, FL
- Ward's Market Produce Dept. - Gainesville, FL
- Choir Teacher - Canyon Springs High School in North Las Vegas, NV
- Las Vegas Golf Adventures - office/marketing/website/anything else - Las Vegas, NV
- Music Teacher - Hollywood Kids Academy in Las Vegas, NV
- Voice Teacher - Las Vegas, NV

2. At the risk of copying Heidi's post, I LOVE sleep! Bedtime is my favorite time of day. Not kidding. Whether it's going to bed early, sleeping in, or napping, I just love to sleep. Period.

3. I have a deep affection for the game Guitar Hero. Let me clarify... I don't have a deep affection for all of the songs on any of the Guitar Hero games (in fact, I even refuse to play some of them), but I just love the game in general. I'll have to admit, I've gotten pretty good at it too. Not nearly as good as other obsessed members of my family, (boys) but good enough. Favorite songs to play: Sweet Child Of Mine, Thunderhorse, Gemini, Seventeen, Holy Diver, Beast and the Harlot, Monkey Wrench, Hold On Loosely, Them Bones, and War Pigs.

4. If cold cereal filled all of our nutritional needs, I would happily exist on that alone for the rest of my life. (Please note: This may be a slight exaggeration and should not be taken literally or put to the test.)

5. I firmly believe that pets were designed for life outdoors and therefore will never have an "inside" pet...unless it's a fish. Granted, in extremes of weather, pets may be permitted inside but only within a specially-designated area. Harsh, I know...

6. I LOVE to dance! Seriously... That might not even be a strong enough word. I know I don't look much like a dancer, but that hasn't stopped me from trying! I particularly enjoy dancing while cleaning the house...when nobody else is home. Also, I learned the Thriller dance last fall and remember the whole thing - it's a blast!! Salsa is fun too, and I'm exploring the world of belly-dancing thanks to a great instructional video and recent bachelorette party exploits... Don't ask.

7. With all my talk about dancing and the hand-eye coordination fest that is Guitar Hero, this next tidbit may seem surprising to all except those who know me well. I totally suck at basically all sports. Especially those involving a ball. I think it all started back in 4th grade PE when we were learning how to play volleyball. All I remember is this big white sphere coming closer and closer and finally making contact with my eye. I sat out for the rest of the game. That experience set the groundwork for what was to be a humiliating PE career. If there was a ball involved, it usually hit my head. The volleyball was just a portent of things to come. I've been hit in the head with kickballs, dodgeballs, basketballs, soccer balls, wiffle balls, tennis balls, and yes, even birdies and ping-pong balls. Thankfully, somehow I was passed over by the softball. Rather than hitting my head, the softball seems to be magnetically diverted away from my glove. Two things I actually can slightly do: throw a frisbee and tread water.

Well, there you have first tag. I guess now I have to tag some other people, so here goes: Steph Gourley, Ranger Janes, Sara-face, Jen Law, Katie Miner, Sheree Flick, and The Amazing Robyn. Can't wait to see their randomness!!


Tara said...

Thanks for sharing all the fun tidbits! Guitar Hero - I have to sneak it in when I visit Niels' parents - the little bro @ home has it (but I suck).

Take care!

lisa said...

Nicole, I found your blog thru Sheree's! You know how that goes. It SO good to see you! It looks like you have been having a lot of fun and traveling up a storm. How fun.
We miss the singles ward.
Love, Lisa Forsyth
(I'm on private, so email me and I'll send you an invite, if you want) mightymikeforsyth(at)juno(dot)com

Sheree Flick Photography said...

I don't know any other person who has had so many jobs! Your a GO GETTER GIRL!!! :)

On another note, do you have Kate and RJ's address? I need to send them a wedding card since I was unable to make the wedding. Thanks!